Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Random Questions

Just a quick post today to answer some random questions. Over the coming weeks I'll expand on these a fair bit, but for now here's the short answers.

Question Number One
Do you think the 24 hour race will mess you up as much as Ironman?

The short answer is "no". Slightly longer answer is that I suspect it will mess me up a whole lot more than Ironman did. In my experience of ultrarunning (being all of one race so far), running an ultra (or at least running 100k) is far, far, tougher than Ironman. After Ironman I was excited about doing another, whereas after my 100k ultra I was convinced that I would never want to run again, my feet hurt, my legs hurt, my back hurt, my stomach was messed up, my "weeing" (specifically the colour) was of concern, my shoulders hurt and my arms hurt. Things were a little fuzzy and after "only" 65k I was really not in a very happy place. By the time I had gone past my second marathon and still had another 16k's to go I had been right through Hurtsville and was in some strange land I'd never been to before.

Ironman is easy! (I should qualify that by saying that "finishing" Ironman is easy in comparison to finishing an ultra, "racing" is no doubt quite hard judging by the number of pro's who end up in the medical tent).

Question Number Two
Will you run all the time, or do you have a run / walk strategy?

I suspect that if I were to try to run for 24 hours there would be a big crater in the track after 12 hours or so. My plan at this point is to seriously stick to a very strict 25 min run / 5 minute walk strategy. Given that its on a flat track there will be no natural obstacles to break things up (like hills), and I think that a mix of run / walking gives me the best chance of actually lasting the full 24 hours. I think that a big issue for me will be based around the fact that its 24 hours on 400m track as opposed being a race of a set distance. As while I'm probably to stubborn to drop out of a 150k race (which by its nature has a definite finish line), I think it will be a lot tougher mentally to keep plodding around a track where the finish line is determined by a clock.

Regardless of how the run / walk plan works out, my main goal is to just keep moving forward. To keep me sane I'll be breaking the distance down into marathon, 50k, 50miles, 100k, 150k, and 100 miles (the ultimate goal!). At this stage I reckon that I could pull out 150k in 24 hours - which on last years results would be enough to get me 3rd place (that in itself may be an indication that its actually going to be tougher than I anticipate ...)

More musings later, I got to go run somewhere ...


Aaron said...

My question would be how are you going to keep yourself mentally stimulated on the track?

Your comment about Hurtsville reminded me of an apt Churchill quote "If you are going through hell, keep going." That's going to be my mantra when it starts to hurt come marathon time.

SUB6 said...

24hrs? I couldn't even run 24mins last night without getting injured. I think I'll experience the 24hr run through your blogs this year :)

Kieran Mischewski said...

Its the coming back from St Heliers leg, especially if there's a head wind that zaps you in the Auckland Marathon, mind you, by the time you're over the bridge its pretty flat, so you can really focus on keeping your cadence up and your pace steady.

As for staying mentally stimulated, the trick is to keep your mind busy with something (other than how much things hurt). When you're running on a trail this is pretty easy, however I imagine runing around a 400m track is going to be a bit tougher. I think I'll be listening to audio books, debates, lectures, that kind thing. Plus there's always my own interesting internal monolog ...

Dr.Rutledge said...

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