Friday, January 30, 2009


Its been quite a while between posts for a bunch of reasons. These reasons all boil down to a lack of material.

Essentially towards the end of last year I was quickly turning into a stressed out wreck primarily due to work (grrrr, stupid work). As a result I was getting really tired and my health (and training) started to suffer, this was quickly followed by evaporation of motivation. I had a low level virus that hung around for weeks and put a bit of a crimp on my training. By the time Christmas had come and gone so had my motivation, and I was real hanging out for a long awaited holiday.

I’ve now had that holiday, going into it I had just about decided that the 100k ULTRADREAM was going to be postponed for a year at least. However a after a trip to the Blue Lake (home of the Rotorua Half Ironman) and a very relaxed and lazy two weeks, he motivation is now coming back and I’m off and running again.

The break has given me a chance to really re-charge my batteries, I know that sounds kind of cheesy, but that’s exactly how I feel. So the plannings back on for the 100k ultra (21st February). I have a couple of key workouts planned ad I’m pretty confident that I’ll make it to the starting line in shape for a 100k’s of running.

My only real problem now is really I the logistics. I’m not entirely sure if the family are going to be able to make it down to Taupo with me in which case I’m going to be struggling to put together a support crew. The big problem is that there are no aid stations for this race meaning having a crew really is essential. The race itself is a 50k out and back done twice (for a total of 100k), so while it will be possible to leave some aid in a car and maybe buy some alone the way it certainly isn’t the preference.

So I really need to find some poor sap who’s willing to get up in time for the race start at 3.15am (yes AM) – although to be fair I can probably cope through to about 6am – and who doesn’t mind driving up and down the road between Taupo and Hatape for 10 – 12 hours… Any takers???